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Corporate Dental Programs

One plan, a huge advantage. Only from Dental Care Network.

The Corporate Dental Program (CDP) is a zero-cost, zero-admin employee benefit scheme provided across Australia and New Zealand by the Dental Care Network ™.

When your organisation becomes a Corporate Partner to the CDP, it means the family of every employee can potentially save thousands of dollars a year and maintain optimal dental health.

Who is Covered?
The Corporate Dental program covers employees as well as their spouse, their children, and parents/in-law.

Employee Benefits
Members get the benefit of:

  1. 10% discount on dental treatments*
  2. Free comprehensive dental accident coverage, Dentisure™ to cover them against unexpected dental accidents*

For full terms and conditions visit www.dentalcarenetwork.com.au/CDP_Login

Company Benefits
The Corporate Dental Program is completely free. No reporting, no reconciliations, no fees. The costs and administration related to the offers included in the CDP are entirely covered by the Dental Care Network™.

We provide promotional material outlining the offers. You distribute it to your employees and we’ll manage the rest.

The Corporate Program benefits your business by:

  1. Encouraging healthy employees, which is linked to business productivity
  2. Rewarding employees for their loyalty and hard work
  3. Adding to your offer package when attracting, hiring and retaining new employees to the business
  4. Promoting a family culture at the business by extending the program to include family members

No Cost. No Burden. Real Benefits.

How to Register
The process for becoming a Corporate Partner is simple.

  1. Fill out the form at www.dentalcarenetwork.com.au/CDP_Login
  2. A Dental Care Network representative will contact you with an agreement
  3. Provide us with standard company details and logo
  4. We return the signed agreement
  5. We will prepare all the necessary communications collateral and information for employees
  6. Commencement date will be negotiated with you
  7. Launch the programs