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Adolescent & Teenage Denistry

Mouthguards are integral to adolescents involved in sport, particularly contact or high risk of contact ones such as soccer, rugby, boxing, martial arts or skateboarding, etc… Although these sports are fun and an essential part of many of our children’s lifestyles they are also the most common cause of dental injury. Often these injuries could have been avoided if a correctly fitted mouthguard was worn. Furthermore, they can be costly and result in long-term problems which require extensive, often painful treatment.

At Baldivis Family Dental our experience team can fit you or your child with a custom fitted mouthguard to providing effective, lasting protection during an active lifestyle. Moreover we can customise the colours to suit your team!


How cool is tongue piercing?
Piercing and tattoos are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s popular culture so much so that it is not at all unusual to see teenagers, adolescents and adults with lip and tongue piercings. However, although these piercings might have a minimal risk associated with the actual procedure, they can contribute to significant oral and dental complications, including cracked and chipped teeth, increased levels of bacteria, blood poisoning, gum recession and scar tissue .

Tongue piercing can also contribute to the development of oral fixation resulting in a constant chewing or playing with the jewellery.

Tobacco and your teeth
Tabacco in any form is never good news for our body, directly contributing to a range of health complications. However, some of the more under the radar ones are the oral problems that tobacco can cause.

The major complication that can arise is oral cancer. At Baldivis Family Dental our experienced dentists are trained to recognise many of the symptoms of oral cancer and will always screen for it during your regular assessments. Some early signs can include,

• Sores in the mouth or around the oral cavity that won’t heal.
• White or red leathery patches on the lips and developing on or under the tongue.
• Sensitivity, pain and tenderness or numbness in the mouth.
• Difficulty in chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving the jaw.

As many of the early signs are painless, they are often ignored, however this can be even more detrimental as if it is not detected in its early stages it can often necessitate painful, extensive treatment.