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Hey Kids, Visit The Chompers Kids Zone This School Holidays.

Welcome! The Chompers Kids Zone

Continuing our educational philosophy, the team at Baldivis Family Dental believe in a strong early interventionist approach to children’s dentistry and helping them to develop a healthy, life-long oral care routine.

With an understanding as to how much first experiences can affect ones approach to dentistry, our caring team are dedicated to ensuring that your children’s first experience and introduction into dentistry is a positive one. They even walk away with a special gift from our team!

Click here to view an outline on what your child can expect during their first experience including dressing up as a dentist, meeting Rex the dragon and playing with the dental chair.

Meet the Plaque Patrol Family!

Using their special oral hygiene powers, the Plaque Patrol are the first family of good oral health. They fight plaque and keep teeth clean all around the world.

To learn more about the Plaque Patrol Family, the first family to fight plaque using their special powers, helping keep teeth clean all around the world. Don’t forget to also visit the main Chompers Kids Zone website here to download and print off your very own door hanger, brush chart and dot 2 dot colouring in drawings.


The Chompers Kids Zone

There’s also a fun-filled online game, Plaque Patrol, where you help Charlie Chomper and his trusty sidekick Bristles fight off the invading plaque and germs.

Play Plaque Patrol

At Baldivis family dental we recommend beginning to introduce your children to the dentist between the ages of 1-2 for their first check-up appointments. This way, they are not yet having any work or invasive treatment done but are gaining a positive first experience and outlook towards their dentist, whilst keeping an eye on the development of their teeth to help prevent any potential problems.

For all bookings enquiries or more information contact us on the details below.

Be All-around Healthy

Custom Fitted Mouthguards

Mouthguards provide an important layer of protection for the teeth while participating in physical activities that carry a risk of dental injury. Dental injuries are commonly suffered during sport, leisure and recreational activities and can be painful, require extensive treatment and possibly be quite expensive.

Both ‘off the shelf’ and ‘boil and bite’ mouthguards purchased from sporting stores or pharmacies tend to be bulky, ill fitting and provide inadequate protection especially for back teeth and can impede breathing and speech.

Custom fitted mouthguards on the other hand provide a high level of protection and comfort.  It fits snugly into position and stays in place during activity, preventing the mouthguard from moving around in the mouth and allowing the wearer to breathe and communicate easily. A custom fitted mouthguard provides the correct level of protection consistently across all teeth. It is a small investment to help reduce the risk of dental injury during physical activities including protection against concussion, jaw damage and loss of teeth.

To have your custom fitted mouthguard crafted, call our friendly team to make an appointment.